Our Little Diamonds

“Our little diamonds” project aims to be a worldwide children's yoga network whereby yoga teachers and their little shining yoginis and yogis propagate solidarity to create a better world.

More than 300 million people worldwide practice some form of yoga today, and a larger community strives for peaceful spiritual togetherness. 'All want a fairer world!' Yoga invites solidarity, dialogue, and above all, to sympathize with this beautiful concept.

Our Little Diamonds, wants to play an active role in raising public awareness about the impact of injustice done to children. We motivate the yoga community and like-minded people to take responsibility and share our vision so that we succeed in our mission.

Colourless fairytale


According to UNICEF, millions of children are confronted with living conditions which are colourless fairy tales with a misty end. Many have been stripped of their childhood through poverty. Child natural cheerfulness is suppressed, opportunities are taken away, and dreams are chained.



'Yoga should be so interpreted that it could help man and mankind at this critical juncture'. 

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

The philosophy behind the ancient Indian practice of Yoga has influenced various aspects of our modern global society. Unifying the mind with the body and soul to promote well-being is today a world heritage. Yoga invites to be practised by young and elderly without discriminating against gender, economic status, class, or religion.

Raising and educating the next generation with the science of Yoga is undoubtedly the best step forward to foster a better society. Children Yoga helps them gain the qualities and skills indispensable to living well in today's society. It helps children of any age to develop themselves peacefully.