Our Little Diamonds aims to positively influence the consequences of inequality and injustice done to children with a dynamic approach. Vulnerable children and young people who grow up in difficult situations must experience a positive identity development. Their well-being is close to our hearts, and our goal is to help them grow from this cheerful heart energy.

Introducing the benefits of early childhood education through children's yoga.

Our Little Diamonds Vision and Mission

  • We all wish children to develop a creative and positive outlook on life.
  • We all want to help them discover their unique possibilities.

Convinced that "Yoga for Children" is the opportunity to help educate them to identify and cultivate their untapped potential to embrace all the beauty in the world.

  • Throughout the flowing motion of yoga poses, we bring a message to children that will stay with them.

Yoga practice makes young children aware of clean environmental and universal ethics, which influence themselves and their immediate society.

This action leads to better physical and mental health for the young practitioner. It promotes awareness of high human values that strive for harmony. World peace always begins within us by practising yoga and carrying it out. Yoga is Peace education at its best, and children love it.


  • Train the Trainer.
  • We help to set up the donation campaign.
  • We support the purchase of didactic material.
  • We want to introduce our projects to children in communities with a need for sustainable development objectives proposed by the United Nations.
  • We provide free yoga classes for children.
  • We promote early childhood education through children's yoga.
  • Throughout the flowing motion of yoga poses, we bring a message to children that will stay with them.
  • We promoting the general health of young children and young adults through children's yoga.
  • We strive to work together and enter into a fundamental partnership with local motivated people with the same desire and ambition to transform "The world of the child" positively and peacefully.
  • "Our Little Diamonds" concept has been conceived and compiled for various goals to benefit humankind and our earth.
  • Our yoga concept wants to be an "eye-watcher" who monitors, detects and communicates, in case of unacceptable behaviour towards children.